The Talking Cat was a mysterious black cat who lived in the Forest by the Forest God's Holy Mountain and the Frozen Lake. Unlike all the other talking animals in Lost Constellation, the Cat was an ordinary cat instead of an anthropomorphic one. Whether the cat has magical abilities remains a mystery.


Personality-wise, she was extremely rude, telling Adina Astra when she first ventures into the forest that she will die. They met once again at the Forest God's shrine (where the Cat had pretty obviously eaten Father Patience and taken his hat), and then one final time at the edge of the Frozen Lake.

The first time Adina correctly prays at the Forest God's shrine, the cat appears to glow before transporting her to the Holy Mountain. This hints at magical abilities and perhaps a link to the prayer itself, however, at the Frozen Lake the cat states that it is a completely ordinary cat with no powers whatsoever.

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