The Kid, also known formerly as "Sawmill Kid" at their old workplace, and merely the "Huncher's Child" by the Talking Cat.


The Kid was a sinister, possibly sociopathic child who had been kidnapped by the Huncher in order to act as her personal slave and helper. Although she had been kidnapped, the Kid had no real sadness or desire to escape, as she had despised her old home and workplace (which had been a sawmill, as she reveals her previous nickname, plus the worker's uniform), and even the Huncher herself did not know what to do - the Kid did not even have a name. Personality-wise, the Kid was bad-mannered, sassy and lazy, and showed no real sign of emotion or empathy. In fact, she was upset that she would not take credit for the poison that she brewed to kill the Forest God, and rebuked Astra 's attempts to help her escape, even making fun of her.

After the Huncher mysteriously vanished, the Kid began to change and it was implied that the Huncher had died and the Kid had inherited her powers - most notably by she described that she was now "far older" and had now inherited some of the Huncher's powers (such as teleportation). She met Astra one last time, and promised that she would return to her old town to slaughter and terrorize its residents, but showed Astra one act of "kindness" by promising that they would at least never meet again. It seemed that the Kid at least had enough emotion to appreciate the empathy that Astra had shown to her.