"I'm the Janitor. I clean up, do fixits. Whatever needs done."

— The Janitor

The Janitor is a mysterious character in Night in the Woods who appears several times throughout the game.


The Janitor is a middle-aged, cyan-colored bird with a long, narrow beak and a short, shaggy gray goatee. He wears a flannel shirt, jeans and heavy work boots, and carries several tools on his belt.


The Janitor is the first character Mae is able to interact with, found repairing the door to the bus station where Mae has arrived. Not much is known about him other than he seems to be a general repairman and custodian. His real name is never given, though he seems to know Mae's name despite her never telling him. He speaks with a down-to-earth tone and often offers sagely yet cryptic advice to Mae, and is quick to leave any conversations he's in, giving the excuse that more work needs to be done.

Whilst he appears quite mundane at first, he displays some mysterious mannerisms, such as seemingly disappearing in thin air, or hinting at having access to preternatural knowledge.

He also plays the role of the Forest God in the Harfest play.


  • He likes Fiascola, even going so far as to rig soda machines that carry it to give him Fiascola for free.
  • A statue in the cemetery bears the Janitor's silhouette except with a hat.
  • Due to his mysterious behaviour, some have wondered if he might have supernatural powers, going so far as speculating that he could be the inconspicuous manifestation of a deity, or if he perhaps is a time traveler.