The Huncher's twin sister was her identical twin who had fled with her to the Forest when they were both young. They had both found the cabin, at which the young Huncher had decided to "survive" at all costs. She apparently died by drowning, which her sister, the future Huncher refused to help before pulling her body from the freezing water. It is strongly implied that the Huncher could have caused her twin's death and may have used her body as fuel to light the oven's fire, except for one part of her - a patch of skin that had a tattoo that differentiated them, which was placed in a "shrine" in the attic.

Adina Astra managed to find the shrine and steal the piece of skin, using it on a snowman in order to call back the ghost of the twin sister. When the Huncher arrived, she was distraught to the point that she didn't kill Adina, This incident may have been what led the Huncher vanishing, or even dying.