The Huncher is the primary antagonist of Lost Constellation. She had arrived in the Forest centuries before, along with her twin sister, who died thanks in part to the young Huncher's newfound desire to "survive" in the shelter of the hollow. Because of this, she got into a conflict with the Forest God, and the battle raged for centuries, until they reached a peace. The Huncher was not one to back down, and she poisoned the Forest God, crippling them and making her the true master of the Forest.


The Huncher did not take kindly to travelers, and was responsible for the deaths of a good deal of them. Should any unlucky traveler manage to reach her hollow (by setting fire to the arm of a dead criminal) she would kill them and leave their bodies in the brambles of her garden. The only reason she refused to kill Adina was because Adina carried the "smell" of the Forest God and his blessings (thanks to the prayers at the God's shrines).

She had many powers, such as control of the weather and teleportation, but she resented the use of the word "witch". She felt she was more powerful and "real" than the Forest God. Although she was certainly tenacious, the ghost of a fortune-teller described her to Adina as a "nihilistic" "impulse". Additionally, she could not even manage to discipline the Kid, whose state of mind confused even her.


When Adina stole the item from the Huncher's shrine, and managed to to reawaken the ghost of her sister's spirit, the Huncher was distraught, and the effect was so great that the trees of the forest "shuddered into line" according to the fortune-teller snowman's ghost. When Adina ran into the Kid again, she explained that the Huncher had left, and had "stopped being what she was". Judging by how the Kid had also "changed" and was now "far older" (even calling Adina "child") it is strongly implied that the Huncher had died and her powers and experience had thus been passed on to the Kid. 

When the Huncher first met Adina, she also told her that there were "bodies frozen in the dirt and ice for millenia" in the Far North, and that they carried a disease that people were no longer immune to - this disease would be released when the ice melted, and would kill off all life. Whether this is a foreshadowing for something else, remains to be seen.