The Harleys

The Harleys are three young children who live down the street from Mae Borowski. They all happen to be named Harley. When Mae first speaks with them they are playing a version of cops and robbers, but with the FBI and Little Joe, a local ghost legend.

Selmers says she sometimes babysits them and that the kids are involved in many thefts.


The first Harley is a dark brown cat with light brown eyes with a pink shirt with a flower in the middle. She also has blue pants and white shoes. The second Harley is a brown bird with a yellow beak, he's wearing a hat, has glasses, wears a green shirt with a symbol in the middle, and has dark blue pants with brown shoes. The last Harley is a light blue crocodile with blue eyes. He wears a blue shirt with dark blue sleeves with a symbol in the middle. He has light brown pants and gray shoes.


Not much is known about the Harley's due to very little dialogue.


  • The three Harley's might be adopted siblings as they are all different species and colors.