"Hweh heh heh. You ladies lost or something?"

— Steve Scriggins

Steve Scriggins is one of Possum Springs' more unscrupulous denizens.


Steve Scriggins is an unpleasant person, at least towards Mae and Gregg. Scriggins would often call both Mae and Gregg "ladies," despite Gregg being a man. This could either just be masculine posturing on his part or a reference to Gregg's sexuality.

Mae describes him as "scum and a criminal" and would rather not associate with him.

In some cut dialog in Night in the Woods, Lori states Scriggins still attends high school parties and often would hit on Lori's classmates.


Steve Scriggins is around Mae's age and went to high school with her. During this time, Steve purportedly locked a teacher in a supply closet over the duration of Longest Night school break.

Currently he is a worker on his brother's construction crew, but has a "side job" stealing copper and other materials from buildings.


  • Mae - Mae seems to have a strong hatred towards Steve.
  • Gregg - Gregg seems to be more relaxed towards Steve but still doesn't like him.


  • According to Scott Benson, Steve Scriggins was one of the first NPCs created. He was used to test the game concept and had been around since August or September of 2013.[1]


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