"Go smelters!"
-The smelter's fans

The smelter's fans are two characters who stand outside the Miller's store and talk to each other. They are intractable with every day.


The bird has a yellow scarf / neck-brace, a red shirt with a lighter red shield on it and Torn jeans with Brown shoes and a yellow hat. She also has Red eyes and a light green feather colour.

Meanwhile the crocodile has a red jacket with a light blue shirt, torn jeans and Brown shoes as well. he has red eyes as well and a red and white hat. He also has a light grey beard.

The two both smoke, and their cigarettes are seen throughout their appearances, similar to Beatrice Santello.


Not much is known about the Smelter's fans.

The bird has a job as a truck driver, and leaves before the epilogue chapter, while the crocodile stays outside the Miller's store.


They are minor characters who have a very small role in the story. They're both seen in front of the Miller's store each day, where Mae can hear them talking about their favorite sport's team, the Smelters, but never interacts with them.

On the second to last day, the bird tells the crocodile that she has to go out to truck-drive. During the epilogue, Mae can interact with the crocodile. The bird is missing from the epilogue.


Some suspect the bird to be part of The Cult, which may explain why she is missing from the epilogue. But since the cult has explained to the band that they're all male, this is unlikely.


  • Unlike many characters in the game, the Smelter's Fans are one of the few characters to change outfits throughout the game, depending on how far down the game you are. This is also seen with the walking characters, throughout the game.

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