"Wow. I haven't been here in maybe 10 years. And apparently no one else has."
— Mae

Sawmill Park is located near the old sawmill in Possum Springs and a location seen only during the prologue of Night in the Woods.

Background Edit

The Sawmill Park is named due to its proximity to an old sawmill and has a playground in which Mae used to come to when she was a child when she was around ten years old. During Mae's senior year in high school, Ron Boonstra took his then girlfriend, Cathy Daminco, to the playground and broke up with her.

At the start of Night in the Woods, the playground has since closed down and deemed off-limits. Aunt Molly often makes her rounds here to ensure no one is found loitering.

Night in the Woods Edit

Sawmill Park Aunt Molly Greeting

Aunt Molly greeting Mae

Mae will reach the playground of the park after making it through the woods behind the old sawmill from the bus station. The player will be forced to use Mae's triple jump for the first time in order to reach the power lines to make it past the fence enclosing the playground.

After falling from the power lines, Mae is seen by Aunt Molly who will take her home.

Gallery Edit

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