"You get to a point in life where the number of first-evers gets lower and the number of never-agains gets higher."

— Sadie to Mae

Sadie is a saxophone player living in Possum Springs.


Sadie is a blue cat with black hair and upturned glasses. She wears a lightly colored plaid shirt with dark blue long sleeves. Her pants are dark, but lighter than her black shoes.

She is only seen holding her yellow saxophone.


Sadie used to play on stage in her youth, but hadn't for a while until she decided to play alone in the only stage in Possum Springs at the abandoned Husker Bee Ballroom. As a child, Sadie always knew about the stage, but only had the nerve to break it when she was older. The reasoning was that the opportunity to do so would continue to slip away as she got older and older and the Husker Bee Ballroom would collapse eventually.

When not playing the saxophone, her son takes up most of her time.

Night in the Woods

Mae can first find Sadie up in the Huskerbee Ballroom on the second day of Part 3: The Long Fall. If the player continues to interact with her after first interacting with Saleem, the two musicians will eventually be found playing together on the stage, thanking Mae for making their duo happen, thus unlocking the achievement Deep Hollow Hollerers.

In the Epilogue, the two can be found again playing together in the Trolley Tunnel.