This article is about the character. For the song, see Pumpkin Head Guy.

Pumpkin Head Guy is a minor character in Night in the Woods. Mae can talk to him the day of Harfest. He's found to the far left of the Trolley Tunnel.


The Pumpkin Head Guy appears to be a black cat wearing a jack-o'-lantern pumpkin on his head. He also wears a black cape with a grey striped shirt, blue pants, and black boots.


Little is known about him. Due to the pumpkin he wears on his head, nothing he said can be understood, and only responses from Mae tell anything about him. It can be assumed that he's around in his teens, due to Mae stating "we used to do that" in response to him. It can also be assumed that he plays tricks and pranks on various houses as is Halloween tradition, and makes a deal with Mae to go easy on her street in favor for something, though what exactly is unknown. He is the focus of the song "Pumpkin Head Guy".


  • Regardless of whether or not Mae talks to him, the band will still play the song. From this, as well as Mae's lack of awareness regarding each song the band plays, it can be assumed that either Gregg, Angus, and/or Bea have also met him at some point.