"We're praying. And gears are turning. But they turn slow. But God can turn any gear they want. And I take comfort in that."

— Pastor Kate

Pastor Kate W. Young, or preferring to be called Pastor K, is Possum Springs' pastor of about 16 months. She works with Mae's mother at First Coalescence Church.


Pastor Kate is a blue bird with a yellow beak with large, black-framed glasses. Her clothing consists of a white collared shirt under a yellow cardigan with a navy blue skirt.


Pastor Kate is a generous and well-meaning person, to the extent that she may feel guilty in taking a nap when she could be helping others. She is always open to talking, providing advice, and generally helping others, seeing it as the nature of her position as pastor. Her charity work is well-received amongst the town, though her efforts often butt heads with the City Council - her attempts to shelter Bruce, for instance, was fought against by the council who saw Bruce as a "bum".

Though Pastor Kate is a pastor and devoted to the church and its beliefs, she admits to Mae that even she has had doubts of the existence of God, believing that "everyone doesn't believe in God for at least a few minutes every day". Nevertheless, she remains optimistic, pressing on with her teachings and preachings.

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