These are rules for the Night in the Woods wikia. Breaking any of these rules can result with consequences!

Before you even register you must be over 13. Night in the Woods is a 13+ and by the law you're not allowed to register an account on wikia.



  • Do not target anyone in your profile.
  • No sexual things.
  • Do not edit someone's profile without their consent.

This also goes for blogs as well!


  • Any sort of vandalism will result in automatic ban!
  • Do not put anything in the article that is non Night in the Woods related.
  • Do not post fan art in articles.
  • Do not make pages that aren't related to Night in the Woods.


  • Please do not comment anything rude.
  • Do not comment anything that is not Night in the Woods related.

Discord Channel

  •  Spamming the chat, this includes excessive Caps Lock and excessive amounts of short messages; 
  •  Chat flooding;
  •  Insulting or flaming people;
  •  Discrimination;
  •  Racism;
  •  Trolling;
  •   Being disruptive;
  •  Threatening people;
  •  Harrasing people;
  •   Posting any innapropriate and intolerant pictures, videos or messages;
  •  Having an innapropriate nickname;
  •  Publicly posting or otherwise sharing PMs with other users unless you have the expressed permission of the sender to do so. Private Messages are intended to be just that - private;
  •  Showing disrespect to Admins, Head-Admins or Chat Moderators;
  •  Impersonating Admins, Head-Admins or Moderators;
  •   "Stealing" fanart and posting them as "your own" work; 
  •   Posting malicious links; 
  •   Derailing a channel's topic;
  •   Creating multiple accounts. If these are created to get around a ban, then all accounts will be permanently banned when discovered;
  •   Using soundboards.

This also goes for the Live! Chat. Although, it is only used when Discord is under matience. If you believe your ban was a mistake or misunderstanding, please contact any of the staff members, or message them on the NITW Discord channel.

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