"You can't take a woman's husband just because he's dead!"

— Mrs. Miranda

Mrs. Miranda is one of Possum Springs older residents who lives back up in the hills.


Mrs. Miranda is a opossum with light blue eyes. Her snout has many disordered whiskers with a pink nose. She also has two pairs of hair tufts around her pointed ears.

She is seen wearing a long, pink nightgown with a white collar and white frills at the bottom.


Mrs. Miranda is an eccentric old lady, who keeps several oddities in her yard and has a lot of "junk" in her basement. This kleptomania went as so far in that she even kept her husband, Gene, around long after he had died, only relinquishing him when the authorities came to take him away. Though she never forgave them for this.

She is also very forgetful, often locking her basement door despite having someone down there repairing her furnace.

Otherwise, she is a rather cordial woman, offering lemonade to Bea and Mae after they repaired her furnace.


Mrs. Miranda lives back up in the hills, a mile or so from Possum Jump. She, along with many other residents around there, live in converted hunting camp cabins. Her husband Gene had lived with her until he had passed away. For a while his body was kept on the couch and Mrs. Miranda continued to "care" for him, that is until his body was forcibly taken by the government.

After Gene's passing, Mrs. Miranda could no longer abide the sounds coming from her furnace in the basement and later called for the Ol' Pickaxe for repairs. The first person who came to repair was locked in her basement and only managed to leave by calling someone else by cellphone.