Mr. Salvi is a minor character in Night in the Woods, appearing in the trolley tunnel on the ninth day in the Weird Autumn update.


Mr. Salvi is a bespectacled brown owl with a yellow jacket, red flannel shirt, and an orange cap. He is exclusively seen in his boat in the trolley tunnel.


Mae identifies Mr. Salvi as a family friend. Mr. Salvi identifies himself as both a junkman and a "purveyor of fine goods for the discerning antique enthusiast". It is apparent that Mae is somewhat uncomfortable with him, as she is less than enthusiastic to climb into his boat and ride down the trolley tunnel river.


  • Mr. Salvi has chiropterophobia, a fear of bats.
  • He is also a professional landscaper.
  • The name "Salvi" is possibly based on the word "salvage", as he salvages items deep within the trolley tunnel rivers.
  • Some of his lines could be interpreted as implying he's involved in the cult, or at the very least shares their ideals.