"Watch yourself, lil miss."

— Mr. Penderson

Mr. Penderson is an elderly and ill-tempered neighbor who lives next-door to Mae.


Mr. Penderson is a grey-blue crocodile with circular, yellow-tinted glasses. He wears a light blue collared shirt along with ankle length brown slacks, white socks, and black shoes.

Mr. Penderson is first encountered by Mae on her second day home.


Mr. Penderson seems to show no fondness for people, such as for the mayor and especially towards Mae.

He also tends to speak his mind, no matter the occasion, such interjecting during Mr. Twigmeyer's well-meaning opinion.


Mae had once threw eggs at Mr. Penderson's house, taking the painting off his vinyl sidings. Acts like these had led to Mr. Penderson calling the cops on Mae several times and seeing her as a menace to the neighborhood.