Mom Warton is the mother of Germ Warton. She is not in the official game and is only seen from cut content.

Appearance Edit

Mom Warton is a dark green bird with a lighter shade of green by her eye. Her eye color is blue and her beak is orange. Her clothes are a orange shirt, blue pants, and light blue shoes.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Mom Warton as she only appears in the game for a short amount of time. She seems like a nice and helpful person as she greets Mae when they first meet.

Relationships Edit

  • Germ Warton - Mom Warton is the mom of Germ. They seem to get along well.
  • Father Warton - It is assumed that the two are at least together considering they have Germ. They are not seen together at any part of the game though.
  • Brother Warton - Mom Warton is also the mom of Brother Warton.
  • Grandma Warton - Grandma Warton and Mom Warton seem to have a decent relationship.

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