"There'd be dances up at the H-Bee. That's where I met your granddad, oh... a lifetime ago."

— Miss Rosa (to Mae Borowski)

Miss Rosa is an elderly woman who hangs around the Trolleyside News. She was added to Night in the Woods in the Weird Autumn update.


Miss Rosa is an orange-brown dog with long, droopy, black ears. She wears a red cloche hat, a light blue shirt, a long red coat, dark blue pants, and white shoes.


Miss Rosa is shown to be kind and caring. When Mae meets her, she offers to tell Mae more about her grandfather.


Not much is known about Miss Rosa herself, but she was good friends with Mae's grandfather when they were younger. She met him on the night that he ruined his boss' car, and they ran off together. It's implied that afterwards that they had a romantic or sexual relationship, but it is never specified.

Year after his passing, she meets his granddaughter grown-up in the Trolley Tunnel. Though Mae doesn't remember her, Miss Rosa says that she saw Mae when she was first born. She tells Mae about her grandfather, saying that she has a long line of troublemakers on her dad's side. In her old age, she is prone to get tired easily, unable to converse for long, and has to wait a couple days at a time before being able to tell Mae further about him.


  • Mae's Grandfather - Miss Rosa was close friends with Mae's grandfather in her younger years, and it is implied by her that they had some sort of a relationship.
  • Mae - Miss Rosa was friendly and kind to Mae, possibly by proxy of being the granddaughter of a close friend of hers. She was happy to tell Mae about her grandfather, and was often amused by Mae's quips.