Mae's Laptop Desktop

Laptop desktop

Mae's Laptop allows her to access chat messages and the Demontower minigame. It can be accessed at any time after Angus fixes her laptop in her room on the bed.

Night in the Woods Edit

Mae's Infected Computer

Infected laptop screen

Mae will first try to access her laptop on day 2 of Part 1, only to find it infected with a virus. The desktop is covered in pop ups and adverts while the screen tears and flashes. Unable to fix it herself, Mae recalls Angus is good with computers and will seek him out in order to resolve the issue. However, slightly embarrassed as the predicament, she will leave her laptop and ask for a solution instead.

Upon learning of Mae's issues, Angus will prepare a flash drive for Mae to stick into her laptop and hopefully resolve the infection. He will also place the game Demontower on it for Mae to play.

This is later referred to as the "Porn fiasco" when Mae is electrocuted by the car battery while hanging out with Gregg.

chattrBox Edit

chattrBox is a chat messenger found on the right side of the laptop screen. It has a total of four chat icons, each one representing either Bea, Gregg , Angus , or Casey. Mae will receive a new message notification every morning and night of each day.

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