"... being interesting is all you can ever hope to be."

— Mae's Grandfather (By proxy through Mae)

Mae's grandfather is a background character in Night in the Woods and a primary character in the supplementary game Lost Constellation.


He is a blackish blue cat with glasses similar to his son Stan Borowski, and a nick in his ear. At the time of the events of Night in the Woods, he has sadly passed away.


Nothing is known of his early years, or of any time other than after Mae's birth. In Lost Constellation, he is shown to read Mae bedtime stories which we can assume was a common occurrence. He would read scary stores and this probably spawned, if not fueled, Mae's love for scary ghost stories. He also left her his large collection of horror stories, something Mae greatly appreciates.

After the boxes covering the crawl space are moved, Mae can find a mysterious tooth that has some connection to her grandfather.

His ghost can be seen at Church by following Mom's sidequest and accepting to sleep at the Church's library.  


Mae's grandfather is shown to be a kind and caring person who loved his family. He greatly enjoyed ghost and horror stories and would often read them to Mae at her request. He acts somewhat similar to his granddaughter in that he his slightly impatient and sarcastic, but has other people's interests at heart.


  • Mae - He had a very strong connection to Mae as he would read her bedtime stories and handed her his horror novels to her.
  • Stan Borowski - It can be assumed that he was on very good terms with his son prior to his death, though Stan never speaks of it in-game.
  • Candy Borowski - He seemed to be good terms with Mae's mother as she trusted him to read to her daughter at night.


  • Mae's grandfather has notches in his ear, similar to both Mae and Eide.
  • Mae sometimes includes him at random points in her journal.
  • The tooth found in the crawl space is said to be a reference to an event where angry miners forcibly removed all the teeth of mine boss who had previously knocked out the final tooth of an old miner. These teeth would then be kept, before passing them down to generation, implying that Mae's grandfather either was one who originally got one of the teeth, or it was handed down to him.
  • The first page of Mae's journal features nothing but the words: "RIP Granddad".
  • In the Weird Autumn Edition of the game, Mae's grandfather's ghost can be seen in the church's Library room if she goes to take a nap.

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