Basic Info

Love In The Woods is a Unity based, fan made, NITW themed, dating sim made by a group of avid fans of Night In The Woods. Initial idea by Malicious. Lead by PR Agent Malicious and Lead Programmer GH051.


It's been 4 years since the events of Night In The Woods and not much has changed in Possum Springs , Mae is still trying to learn how to drive a car; Bea is still debating her religion, and the town of Possum Springs is still as strange, and quiet as ever.

You are a new person moving to Possum Springs, and as you adventure into town you find yourself embroiled in all sorts of personal relationships.

There are several main routes to go down including a potential polyamorous relationship with Gregg and Angus , and in future updates you will be able to experience new routes and new features.

(NOTE:) This wiki page is a WIP and more details will be added as further updates from the game come out and as the game is released

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(No demo has yet to be released as of 06/06/2018)

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You can follow the development of the game on Twitter here:

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