"I have weird thoughts. Like sometimes I want to go sleep in the woods or in the basement of an abandoned house during the day and only come out at night and be, like, a monster and, like, beautiful."

— Lori

Lori Meyers is a teenage girl who lives on Chestnut Street, but is often found hanging out on the rooftops alone. Her birthday is in February.


Lori is a dark gray rodent with dark blue eyes. She wears a white t-shirt with a gray circle and blank downward pointing triangle within. Over of the tee is a black, hooded jacket. She also wears a pair of blue jeans.


Lori is a somewhat socially awkward and morbid youth with a passion for horror movies, especially in the realms of filmmaking. Rather than attend Harfest, Lori will instead choose to watch horror films by herself. Her interest into the macabre sometimes even stretches into personal fascination, as Lori often has weird thoughts about murder or may seek out morbid videos.

She also has low self-esteem, believing herself to be "objectively gross," though Mae finds her to look normal. When nervous, Lori may sometimes hyper-ventilate.


Not only has she seen a great deal of horror movies, Lori wishes to go to horror movie school and eventually write and direct a horror film in the future. Already possessing some knowledge on horror movie special effects, Lori sometimes draws her own design ideas about special effects makeup or horror movie villains.

When she's excited at night, she may even lay and sleep in between railroad tracks or think about sleeping in the woods or in a basement of an abandoned house. Lori also enjoys going to the railroad tracks and squishing metal dudes by train on the rails.


  • Lori was originally going to be 15.
  • Lori is named after the NoFX song of the same name. The lyrics and subject matter of the song had no influence on the creation of her character[1].
  • Her love of horror movies may be a reference to the famous horror movie character Michael Myers who has a similar last name, and to Laurie Strode, who has a similar first name.
  • In the epilogue, it was revealed she was responsible for the defamation of the mural in the subway system.