"That's why you gotta take it seriously. Put your foot down. No fascists at this party!"

— Jackie

Jackie is Bea's friend. According to Scott Benson, Jackie is transgender.[1]


Jackie is a tan goat with black horns with a darker tan circle in the middle of her eye along with a black nose. She's seen with red glasses, piercings on her ear and near her eye, a light and dark blue jacket, dark blue pants and black boots.


Bea considers Jackie to be "serious about serious stuff." For instance, Jackie is vehemently against fascism to the point that she believes violence against them is justified.

Despite Jackie's violent nature, she appears to genuinely care for Bea, inviting Bea to her parties to help Bea cope with her circumstance. Otherwise Bea also considers her to be a lot of fun.


Jackie had been Bea's friend since school. During this time, Jackie never liked Mae.

Jackie often hosts college parties to the point where Bea considers them to be "Jackie parties."


  • Jackie is the only confirmed transgender character in the game.


  1. Scott Benson [@bombsfall] (28 Feb 2017) "But if you're asking extra-textually - Jackie." (Answer) – via Curious Cat.

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