Grandma Warton is the mother of Mom Warton and the grandma of Germ. She is not in the official game and is only seen from cut content.

Appearance Edit

Since Grandma Warton is laying down you cant see her full body. She looks very old and tired. Her face is a light green with a darker green circle near the eye. Her eye is a light peach color and her beak is a dull orange.

Background Edit

Grandma Warton claims that she has walked in dreams before like Mae. She also knows greatly about the Black Goat. She also mentions the shapes that Mae saw when she beat up Andy Cullen with her bat. She explains Mae has a dark spot that will create a life and that big trouble is coming Mae's way and she's going to go down hard in the woods. She make's Mae upset by telling her all these things. At the end of her talking though, she says that she was joking.

Relationships Edit

  • Mae Borowski - Grandma Warton seems to know a lot about Mae when Mae hardly knows her.
  • Mom Warton - Grandma and Mom Warton seem to have a close relationship.

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