Godtender Brown is the figure attached to caring for the Forest God, as well as guarding the God's Holy Mountain and judging whether someone was allowed to pass through—the criteria being that only royalty were allowed to see the Forest God. Being blind, the Godtender could only hear their voices, which allowed Adina Astra to trick him by creating several haunted snowmen to pretend to be her entourage. 

Despite his devotion to the Forest God, to the point that he was visibly upset by the God's terminal illness, the Forest God did not appreciate this, as he told Astra that he was "worthless" and only good enough to "feed the forest", meaning the God possibly was seeking a way to kill Brown. The Forest God died before this could happen, and Astra wished Brown a happy Longest Night before leaving. Even then Brown refused to believe that the Forest God had truly gone.


Brown was a kind and devoted figure, which Astra detected and appreciated. He was also known to be extremely loyal, as shown to his apparent faithfulness to the Forest God.