"Hello Mae. I hope you like sloppy joes!"

- Germ's mother to Mae Borowski

Germ's mother is a background character in Night in the Woods. She was added in the Weird Autumn update.


Germ's mother is a dark green bird with a lighter shade of green surrounding her eyes. Her eye color is blue and her beak is orange. She wears a gray shirt that reads "Mamma Bear" with a paw print at the bottom, blue pants, and greyish-white shoes.


Not much is known about Germ's mother as she only appears in the game for a short amount of time. She seems like a nice and helpful person as she greets Mae when they first meet. She enjoys sloppy joes.


  • Germ - She is the mother of Germ. They seem to get along well.
  • Germ's Father - She is the wife of Germ's father. Since they are still together, it's assumed they have a good relationship.
  • Gramma - She is either the daughter or daughter-in-law of Gramma. They seem to have a decent relationship, though Mom Warton is wary of her, warning "Whatever happens is on you." to Germ when he wants to introduce Mae to her.
  • Warton Family - She is the mother of Germ’s sisters and late brother, aunt of his cousins, and either sister or sister-in-law to his uncles.