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The Food Donkey was Possum Springs' principal grocer until its closure around a year before the events of Night in the Woods. Most of the townsfolk now go to Ham Panther or the Snack Falcon for their groceries. The interior of the building is generally inaccessible, though it features prominently during the chapter "crimes" if Mae has chosen to hang out with Gregg. It can also be accessed during the Epilogue if Mae chose beforehand to feed the rats enough times.


The building is attached to a large empty parking lot, and the premises borders the woods and the train tracks. Drifters and freight hoppers regularly squat there. On the inside, the Food Donkey's interior smells very heavily of glue, and most of the store's furnishings still remain. The building lies decaying at the edge of town by the time Mae Borowski moves back home.

Night in the Woods

In 'crimes,' Gregg's arranged to meet Steve Scriggins from their high school days. In exchange for letting him shoplift while on duty at the Snack Falcon, Steve's agreed to let Gregg "steal" the head of one of the store's old animatronic characters. A key must be retrieved from the upstairs office to access the storage area where the heads are located.

Germ can be found hanging out in front of the building on most days.


  • Pastor K expresses interest in turning the building into a homeless shelter.