"No. It's poetry, OK? I'm just making stuff up! Please don't listen!!!"

— Fisherman Jones responding to Mae

"Fisherman" Jones is a character that appears in the underground trolley tunnel.

Fisherman Jones is a member of the Possum Springs Poetry Society along with Miss Quelcy and Selmers.


Fisherman Jones is a deer seen wearing glasses, a blue and gray flannel shirt, blue pants, and tan boots. His fur is a dark orange and his nose is blue.


Fisherman Jones likes fishing in the trolley tunnel, often reciting short poems about the tunnel fish to himself. Despite this, he gets embarrassed whenever someone overhears him. He is fine with openly reciting prepared poems during the poetry society meeting, however.

Night in the Woods

Fisherman Jones will be found every so often in the trolley tunnel beneath the right entrance stairwell. Mae can interact with him to overhear a short poem of his and respond to him. This will usually elicit an embarrassed response from Jones asking Mae to not listen in on him.


Part 1: Home Again

Day 2

"Pale white tunnel fish.
Easy to catch and so delish."

Part 2: Weird Autumn

Day 1

"Many Miners old and young
With home in heart and coal in lung
were taken by the trolley men
Up to the mine and back again
But mudslide, flood, and awful storm
Have given tunnel fishes ho...rm."

Day 3

"Wife long gone, kids don't care.
Tunnel fish are always there."

Part 3: The Long Fall

Day 1 (Poetry Society)

Tunnel Eels
"I do not know how it feels
To be in darkness all the time
Born in muck and raised in slime
But neither d'you know paths I've trudged
So it hardly is your place to judge."

Tunnel Frogs
"Tunnel frog swims in the dark
Must think it would be a lark
To be a fisherman like me
But what do you know, amphibee'?"

Day 2

"Methinks I spy a tunnel shark
Scary monster in the dark."

Day 4

"Will tunnel fish be always there?
Will tunnel drain, canal be bare?
I would miss the tunnel fish.
To have them back would be my wish."

Epilogue: Stars

"When winter come and water freeze
Here the fish can be at ease
The tunnel is not flooded ruin
It's a home, a place for doin'."