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Eide serves as the pseudo main antagonist for Night in the Woods and is a member of The Cult.


Not much is known of his personality or motives, but it can be derived from Mae's final encounter with him that he is a cat with notches in his ears, very similar to Mae. He is the only member that the player can distinguish from the others because he wears a miners helmet on top of his hood. He seems to have a strong connection to the Black Goat, which may explain his unnatural abilities.


Throughout the game, Mae and her friends seem to constantly run into Eide. He is the mysterious figure following Mae and Bea through the graveyard, the one Angus tries to talk to on the hill at Possum Jump, and is implied to be chasing Mae and Gregg through the Historical Society, being visible through one of the windows as they escape. Towards the end of Harfest, Mae witnesses Eide either subduing or killing another boy before slinging the body over his shoulder and running off. When Mae catches up to him, he has seemingly passed through a solid fence and is able to make a clean getaway.

He is also the one Gregg shoots with a crossbow during a confrontation with Mae, where he is first shown to speak and after which he retreats while howling like a wolf. He is later seen in the mine with the other cult members and seems extremely resentful about being shot. After the cult allows the band to leave, he appears in the elevator and attempts to drag Mae back down. His arm is severed when Bea and Angus release the elevator and Eide is presumably crushed. It is fairly safe to say that Eide is the only member of the cult whose is known to be dead.

Supernatural abilities

Eide demonstrates an ability to either teleport or pass through walls as he seemingly does either on at least two occasions. First is when he appears on the other side of the fence during Harfest, a fence that he would not have been able to climb quick enough while carrying someone, and the second is where he appears suddenly in the mine elevator even though the elevator does not move.

Also, the other cultists stated that the band wasn't going to be harmed by the cult, so it can be assumed that he somehow bypassed his comrades to get to Mae without being seen or stopped by the other cultists.

The first occurrence of Eide's apparent powers most likely caused Mae to believe him to be a ghost, causing no one to believe her regarding Eide's existence.


Some believe Eide is actually Ed Shudder, one of the original people who discovered the Black Goat who could've granted him immortality along with other powers. One of the cultists even states that Ed could supposedly "walk through walls", something that Eide also seems capable of.

Another possibility is that Eide is actually a heavily brainwashed Casey Hartley, who could've been indoctrinated into the Cult instead of being sacrificed. This could explain Eide grabbing Mae as a last ditch attempt to get her to stay and not abandon him again.

Other suspects for Eide's true identity include Scamz, and Mae's grandfather.


  • Eide actually appears partially transparent at certain points in the game.
  • Eide's coat moves in the coal mine as if there was a wind, despite the fact that none of the other cultist's coats were.
  • For unknown reasons, Eide is noticeably missing from Lurv's punishment.

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