Edward Skudder, better known as Ed, was a former miner and prospector in Possum Springs before he became a Cult leader.


Nothing is really known of Ed, his personality or motives. The only thing we know is that Ed used to work in the mines before their closure. Some time later, he and his Co-worker Jim Dorney were sent back down into the mines to ensure that no minerals were missed by the miners.

While they were searching, they (Quite literally) stumbled across a pit, the "hole at the end of everything". Jim fell in and, according to the Cult, never hit the bottom. Ed called out to Jim, who didn't answer. In his place, the Black Goat is said to have responded and the two began to converse. Over an unknown period of time, the Black Goat gave Ed an offer: bring the Black Goat people and throw them into the pit to be consumed, and as a reward it would ensure that the town would keep running and never disappear.

Ed agreed to this offer and left, realising that he would be unable to gather victims alone.

Forming the Cult

To gain followers, Ed exploited the unfortunate situations of his fellow ex-miners and, in places like the Church, slowly brought some of them over to his cause and told them of the Black Goat using something the other Cult members described as "the glimmer". It is unknown whether or not this was a power given by the Black Goat, or a naturally formed charisma. After gaining a large enough following, Ed and his cult began their search for sacrifices under one general rule: Don't take anyone who will be missed. During the course of the game, the Cultists have sacrificed at least four citizens of Possum Springs, but they have stated to have killed about 39 people altogether.

These are:

  • Casey Hartley
  • The unknown owner of the mysterious arm
  • Cult member Lurv (as punishment for leaving the arm out in public)
  • The Unknown HarFest kid

Present day

It is unknown if Ed is still alive, as the almost nostalgic way the Cult members describe him make it seem like he has passed on, but he may have simply left the Cult behind. There is a fan theory that Ed is actually Eide, the most prominent cult member seen in the game and who is the only one that the player can recognize.