Durkillesburg is most likely the name of the town in which Mae attended college.

Appearance Edit

Durkillesburg appears only in Mae's dream and therefore may not be at all a realistic or accurate depiction of the town.

However, in what is seen, it appears to be an urban town filled with tall brick buildings. A large, pink neon sign of bearing the city's name of Durkillesburg also stands somewhere atop a building. There are also many cars parked around the streets along with large, yellow orb streetlights.

Of what is seen specifically of the college is only the founder's statue, a large abstract bird made of metal struts and basic shapes lit up by spotlights. The figure itself stands about three stories and is shown with one arm pointing downward to the ground.

Background Edit

Mae lived on campus in a dorm room of Durkillesburg for her higher education. She apparently managed to land her first job in which she bagged groceries, though Mae mentions she did often steal from the workplace.

While Mae initially started off school fine, she eventually began seeing "shapes" again. This led to the large bird statue scaring her and keeping her in her dorm room as she saw it specifically pointing down at her. While cooped up in her room, Mae rarely ate or binged whole pizzas at a time. She also began drinking cough syrup to help her sleep.

Finally Mae gained the courage to leave college and Durkillesburg and head back to Possum Springs, where she saw everything fine again.

Night in the Woods Edit

Dreams 1

The Founder's statue in the dream

Durkillesburg is only seen in Mae's first dream at the end of Part I. In this dream, Mae runs through abstract parts of the town while vandalizing its cars, street lights, trash cans, and even the Durkillesburg neon sign.

At the very top of the hills, Mae will encounter a statue of the college's founder, a large wiry bird that points down at Mae. This statue must be demolished with Mae's bat in order to end the dream.

Trivia Edit

  • You can spell out the word 'killer' with the sign if you break the right letters.

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