Danny or Dan is a minor character in Night in the Woods that appears throughout the game.


Danny is a dark gray cat with a white chevron going up his face and turquoise eyes. He has a pair of jeans with a patch on the right knee and an orange shirt covered by a beige jacket.


Danny is very carefree, but he is still fully dependent on his parents, as he still lives with them.

Night in the Woods

He is unemployed at the beginning of the game, having just been fired from construction. He describes his resume as "a zombie resume". He later gets a job at the Ol' Pickaxe, is fired again, and gets another job at the Clik Clak Diner as both a janitor and cook.

In the epilogue, Danny is seen wearing a Taco Buck hiring sign and hat. He explains to Mae that he was hired as a Taco Artisan.


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