Crusties, or The Crust Punks, are all sorts of people who travel in and out of Possum Springs by hopping the trains.


Crusties can be of any gender or species and can vary greatly in how they appear. Their clothing are also mostly well-worn and may often have a dog along with them.

Many crusties are often missing a limb or body part from jumping on and off trains, falling between train cars, or through other means. Such body parts include, but are not limited to, hands, knees, legs, feet, or whole arms.


  • Scamz (cat)
  • Jenna (wolf)
  • Bill Don (bird)
  • Angel (goat)


In the real world, crust punk refers to a subgenre of hardcore punk that takes influence from early extreme metal, named after the dreadlocks which were popular among fans of the genre. The lifestyle of the crusties resembles that of real world hobos.

Bill Don

Bill Don



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