"It's a whole new world, sweetie."

- Candy at Mae

Candy Borowski is the mother of Mae Borowski and the wife of Stan Borowski. She currently lives in a house, near the ending road Possum Springs, now together with her whole family, plus she welcomed her daughter, after skipping her college studies. She works in a church.

While her daughter and gang were trying to solve their friend's death mystery, Candy tried to accompany her daughter the best she could to help.


Candy looks almost like Mae but older, she has dark blue fur with a patch of blue fur on the top of her head and red eyes. She wears a green coat with a light red shirt under it, turquoise pants and white shoes.


Candy genuinely is a sweet, kind-hearted person that wants to look out for everyone. She has many concerns for Mae and wants to make sure that she's doing alright.


It's likely that Candy grew up in Possum Springs or the surrounding area, as she used to hang out in Jenny's Field when she was Mae's age. She never went to college.

When and where she met and married Stan is unknown.

Candy mentions in-game she had multiple miscarriages before giving birth to Mae, and refers to her daughter as a "miracle baby."

Candy has a job doing administrative work at the church. She had to take the job because the family went into deep debt and took a second mortgage in order to support Mae after the incident at the softball game 6 years prior to the events of Night in the Woods.



  • Mae Borowski: Mae and Candy's relationship during the events of the game is a loving one and the two care for each other deeply. It it implied, however, that this wasn't always the case, and that the mother/daughter pair had a rocky relationship through Mae's teenaged years. This may have been due to the implied pressure that Candy placed on Mae with her insistence on Mae going to college.
  • Stan Borowski: Candy and her husband are rarely seen interacting with one another during Night in the Woods as their work schedules don't line up. There is nothing to suggest that their marriage isn't currently healthy, though Mae (while drunk) reveals to Gregg and Angus that Stan had to stop drinking because he was a threat to his family.
  • Molly: Candy has a good relationship with her sister and the two stay in contact with one another. Candy greatly respects Molly's determination as a policewoman.