The Cabin Wolf was an unnamed wolf who lived in the Forest in his own little cabin, and apparently made quite a comfortable living on his own. It turned out that he ran a bogus coffin-making business - he would persuade travelers to buy a coffin, as supposedly if they died in the Forest, their ghosts would haunt the grounds, unless they bought one and he'd agree to pick up their body. As Adina found out, the forest was full of the ghosts of hapless victims, meaning that the Wolf never fulfilled his side of the bargain.


The Cabin Wolf only looks out for himself, making money off the ignorance of the unwary. The Cabin Wolf can be presumed to be charismatic to some extent if he had managed to make a business out of lying and trickery. He also had quite a curt and selfish attitude, and mused to whether he should charge Adina for even entering his house.

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