The bus station is where Mae finds herself at the very start of the game.


Mae believes the bus station is one of the newest additions to Possum Springs, perhaps built with state funding. It is located right outside town out by the highway and both the abandoned glass factory and the train tracks can be seen from outside.

Mae in possum

On the inside, there is a front desk with a bus schedule and a small TV on either side. The TV above the desk plays Garbo & Malloy. Further on in the waiting area consists of just two benches under a Historic Possum Springs mural along with a broken payphone and a Fiascola Fox vending machine.

The only destinations from Possum Springs are Brush Valley, Fort Lucenne, Stantontown, and Bright Harbor.  The last bus comes to Possum Springs around 10:45pm, but normally no one works the desk by then as rarely anyone arrives.

Night in the Woods

Bus Station by Exit

Mae with the Janitor

Mae finds herself in the bus station at the very start of the game, arriving on the last bus to Possum Springs. There is no one around except the Janitor, who is fixing the only door out. In order to leave, she brings the Janitor a Fiascola from the vending machine, which has been rigged by the Janitor to dispense free cola when he's there after hours.

Upon leaving, Mae's parents are nowhere to be seen, as they should be picking her up from the bus station. Instead, Mae is forced to walk through the forest to get home.



  • Mae can look at the mural
  • She can try to use the payphone
  • She can look at the Fiasco Fox vending machine


  • She can look around in front of the bus station
  • She can look at the bus station building
  • She can look at the abandoned glass factory in the background
  • She can see the train pass by from the railroad tracks
  • She can look into the forest


  • The fireflies outside are attracted to Mae which are later used as a mechanic later on during Bea's friendship event outside Mrs. Miranda's house.