"Ha ha. I'll be here."

— Bombshell responding to Mae

Bombshell is a minor character in Night in the Woods. Her real name is unknown, but she's commonly referred to as such, as Mae calls her that in her journal.


Bombshell is a brown bear with light blue eyes and dyed light blue hair. She has two tufts of hair on either side of her cheeks.

Bombshell's clothes consists of a shirt with the stylized word SCUM on the front, scarf, and pants. She also accessorizes with earrings and is seen holding a cup in her right hand. There is also a tattoo close to her throat and a labret piercing at her lower lip.

Night in the Woods

Bombshell can be encountered by Mae at Jackie's college party during Part 3: The Long Fall when hanging out with Bea during the Proximity scene. She will be to the right of the dance floor.

Upon meeting her, Bombshell asks Mae for her name, in which she can either tell her or give the name Samantha Stevenson. Eventually she will perform a secret handshake with Mae which is needed in order to gain the achievement, Thryy Wyrd Tyyns. Mae appears to be somewhat swooned by Bombshell, who also seems to show some interest in return.

Any flirtation between the two of them is however cut short as Mae has to chase after Bea when she runs away from the party, and Mae is unable to return to Bombshell. Mae later laments not having gotten Bombshell's info, and apparently hopes she might be able to meet her again at some party in the future.

Doodle PartyGirl

A doodle Bombshell in Mae's journal



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