She's not gonna like that.
—Bill to Beatrice Santello, about Mrs. Miranda.

Bill is a minor character who works at the Ol' Pickaxe, and is co-workers with Bea. He is currently one of three employees at the Ol' Pickaxe.


Bill is an aged brown / dark orange cat, with a pair of yellow glasses, and light blue whiskers. He has a fuzzy stripped hat, and a green plaid shirt with a collar. Bill has blue pants and orange shoes.


Bill is a minor character, only ever appearing inside the Ol' Pickaxe.

His first appearance has him explaining to Bea that Mrs. Miranda accidentally locked one of their co-workers inside her basement again. Bea tells Bill to go fine Mrs. Miranda for this, with Bill explaining to Bea that Miranda is not going to like that.

His second and last appearance is during the Harvest Festival play at the Ol' Pickaxe. He plays as Brother John, the first of the brothers to die from the haggard old witch.


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