"It's my job to make folks like you never see something like you saw the other night."

— Aunt Molly

Aunt Molly, or "Aunt Mall-Cop" as disparagingly called by Mae, is a minor character in Night in the Woods. She is first encountered outside the closed off park on Mae's first night home.


Aunt Molly has dark blue fur and red eyes along with a yellow nose and yellow whiskers. She has a dark blue cap on with a badge in the middle. She also is wearing a light gray shirt along with a black tie with gray gens and black shoes. She is only seen in her police uniform.


Aunt Molly is Mae's aunt (on her mother's side[1]) and she currently works as a policewoman with the Possum Springs Police Department. Mae doesn't seem to get along with her very well, but although stern at times, Aunt Molly does seem to have her best interests at heart.

While Aunt Molly possesses a service gun, she has only needed to use it once albeit without any fatalities.


As Molly does not appear in the Epilogue in the original edition people thought that she was part of the cult. However she does appear in the epilogue of weird autumn edition.


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